Change Your Money Mindset

As I talk to people about money, I realize again that many people have money issues – excess money baggage – that plays out when making money decisions.

What are some of those issues? Many people believe that money is bad and people with money are bad too. There’s our collective love and hate of money.

Feelings of inadequacy at not having enough money. The consuming guilt some feel at having enough or too much money. Then there’s the fear of losing the money we have. Or the fear of never having enough. These ambivalent thoughts, coupled with feelings of unworthiness, are at the base of many things monetary.

And yet … there is also the driving motivation to achieve financial security or freedom -  to achieve what we largely dislike and disrespect. There’s the defensiveness felt as we begin to earn more than we need for basic survival. And the need to justify having more than just enough. The unspoken assumption seems to be that poor people somehow go to a higher heaven than wealthy people at the end of their lives.

How does one reconcile such conflicting emotions and move forward to plant a healthy money mindset to grow a weed-free money garden? It begins with understanding how our brain functions, and how we can reprogram it to work in harmony with our current beliefs.

My friend and associate, Katherine Reschke, is showcasing groundbreaking research on brain development and how we can use this information to change our mindsets. If you want to start changing your money mindset, click on Katherine’s recent teleseminar and give it a listen. You’ll find new ways of thinking about your current thinking.

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