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Foreign Currency and Coins

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You can learn more about personal finance, investing, budgeting, and spending consciously by reading personal finance blogs online. It’s been an enjoyable way to brush up on topics I am familiar with, and an easy way to  learn new subjects I hadn’t considered.

I started reading personal finance blogs after I started writing this blog. The personal finance niche appears to be a low-key group of bloggers. But any niche compared to the Internet Marketing niche, with which I’m more familiar, is low key. The personal finance niche doesn’t seem to promote themselves as broadly. At any rate, I wasn’t reading these blogs. Big mistake! I should have.

Now I subscribe by email to these blogs. I subscribe to the email feeder so the posts don’t get lost in the clutter of my RSS reader.

Click, read, learn more and enjoy the process. You’ll be amazed at how much more you understand about money, and how quickly you’ll become very knowledgeable. You might as well become your own expert money adviser.

Tough Money Love

It’s too bad no one had earlier explained to the Jones that “living within your means” is a function of income and outgo, not asset appreciation and outgo.  It’s also too bad that financial writers in the Times and other media outlets didn’t jump on this issue two or more years ago, when the real estate bubble was still growing instead of blowing up.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Today’s tip is to never pay retail prices for clothes again using some sites you’ve heard of, and a bunch of sites I bet you haven’t.

My Money Blog

Dilbert’s One-Page Guide to Everything Financial

Get Rich Slowly

But what happens when you add children to the mix? How do you plan for them and for yourself at the same time?

Taxes Made Simple

Filling out a W-9 is pretty easy. On the first line, simply enter your legal name (if a sole proprietorship) or the legal name of your business (if an LLC, corporation, or partnership).


I’m impressed with the quality of the content shared by the wise people who write these personal finance blogs. I believe you will be too. Let me know what you found most informative. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

My favorite finance-related blogs are coming soon. Share your favorites too. Thank you!






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